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Absolute Truth & Prophecy Ministries

Editor: Rev. Rob Palaszewski


Rev. Robert B Palaszewski lives with his wife Cindie and daughter Skylar in a suburb of Buffalo, NY.  They have two grown sons, Corey and Jordan.  He is the founder of Absolute Truth and Prophecy Ministries, dedicated to demonstrating the Truth of the Gospel, answering the challenges of skeptics and drawing the connections between Biblical prophecy and today’s unfolding events.
As part of that ministry he is the primary author and editor of Zew’s News Review, which explores the relationship between events and the prophetic as well as tackling topical issues on the End Times.

When I was young and stupid and made my living as a traveling musician, - in my somewhat bibulous conceit I believed that I could learn the meaning of life, package it together in some air tight philosophical system of my own discovery and explain all there is.  Then God got a hold of me and let me know that He had already done that and that I had better get with His program.  God already had a perfect system all worked out.  And in His great mercy He chose to reveal to me just a hint of its outline.  In fact, He wrote it all down in something called the Bible.  Now that system and His plans for the future, outlines both of my passions. 

God is the very expression of Truth…and we can know Him, - intimately through His works.  We can discover Him by reason.  And confirm Him through His word.  The fact is, despite what the post-modernists tell you, - Absolute Truth does exist and we can know Him.  The search for God is aided and abetted by logic and reason.  The Truth of God and the Scripture is repeatedly confirmed through science and history and archaeology and logic and precisely fulfilled prophecy.  God is the author of knowledge and reason and those disciplines, - rightly practiced, - will lead you to a saving knowledge of the Living God of the Universe.

We continue to write and to speak and teach on these subjects.  My first book, JESUS BY A PREPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE :  The Objective Rational, Historical & Scientific Evidence For The Truth Of Christianity, - was written for that purpose.  And you, will find a section on the website with articles that make the case

Prophecy is our other overriding passion.  We believe that Jesus Christ will return soon.  We believe this because we see the signs.  By watching today’s news we can discern that Biblical prophecies concerning the time of Christ’s return are being precisely fulfilled.  It is our passion here at ATP Ministries to wake up the Church and enlighten the unbeliever.  We see our call as Watchmen on the Wall.  We believe it is our assignment to sound the call of Christ’s soon coming.  To that end we write and speak and broadcast, - and pray, - in the hopes that we and others and our nation will turn from sin, seek the face of God and be healed of the horrible stain of sin.

The Now Generation

Coordinators: Rachel & Dianna Henderson


This mother and daughter team created the Now Generation in November of 2010 at one of the highest points of violence in the City of Buffalo, NY. They collaborated to do the First Annual Peace Walk in Buffalo, drawing more than 200 young people from across the region as well as the city’s mayor and other officials.

Rachel Henderson is a youth activist who has traveled to countries such as Ghana, West Africa and Israel. She has a vision for today’s youth to become culturally diverse and aware of the world that surrounds them. Creating leaders within her generation that turn away from violence, realizing that they too have a future and a destiny is her main message.

Dianna Henderson has an ongoing vision for today’s youth as she has created an organization “Dare 2 Dream”, and written and published several books. She has been an activist and minister in the city of Buffalo for over 30 years and will continue to help our youth to crack open their dream seeds.

Together this mother and daughter team will challenge our cities, communities, and youth to become change agents by infusing their life and igniting a fire of both purpose and a future.


For the body is not one member, but many.

 1 Corinthians 12:14

It is our desire to equip the saints, both young and old, with the Word of God and the tools they need to both walk in His ways and to reach out to others. We doe this by…


"But you shall receive power, after the Holy Spirit has come upon you: and you shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth."

Acts 1:8

We take the Lords command to be witnesses (or “Go into all the world”) very seriously. We accomplish this by …


They shall lift up their voice, they shall sing for the majesty of the LORD,

Isaiah 24:14

We believe our main purpose on this earth is to worship and praise the name of our Lord. We accomplish this by…